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Midnight Crow

An Asian Music Rotation Journal

18 December
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Ya-Hoi! Alexial here. Welcome to my asian music rotation journal. At first there was mostly J-Rock here, but you know there is a lot of Korean stuff too. Actually I love all kinds of Asian music, so you may see anything fromkorean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai, anime music, rock, pop, hip hop, R&B, Enka, Instrumental tracks, soundtracks...whatever I feel like ^.^
This is my first music rotation..and I haven't used livejournal for very long, so please bare with me ^^;;


1)All files will be uploaded using Yousendit. that means that they will only last for seven days, or 25 downloads.
2)My computer is slow, so while I might be willling to re-upload mp3s if people really want, I generally won't re-up big files like PVs and Lives
3)I haven't made a playlist yet, but when I get around to it, I may take requests if they are made nicely. Also, I am always open for trade.
4)Please delete the mp3s you download within 24 hours. They are for sampling purposes only
5)PLEASE COMMENT if you download! If you don't, I won't know if anybody is even downloading anything ^^;;